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Lower Prices for 2017

This site is your best source for 608 EPA Certification Exam, R410A Certification Exam and NATE Certification Exam practice materials. Our tests will not only let you practice for all of the 608 EPA certification levels or the NATE core and specialties Certifications but will also make you more comfortable about your ability to pass these certification tests. You can find other practice tests on-line but they only tell you your score, they don't tell you what you missed or what the right answers are.

We understand that the majority of the clients we serve have not tested in many years. Some have not tested since high school. Even those who test on a regular basis can often experience test anxiety. Come to our site to practice and experience what you will be up against on test day. Even if you have been preparing for your test, the exercise of practice testing can help you tremendously. Why should you use our site? We give you unlimited tries to take the different practice tests. The tests are different each time you take them so that you learn the material and not just memorize a sample test.

There are other practice tests available on the Internet but you don't get to take a different test and have unlimited practice. All of this for only $9.95 for a three month subscription for the EPA or $19.99 for a four month subsciption for the NATE. Also, we offer a money back guarantee for our 3 month individual EPA Practice tests. If you pass all of our 608 EPA Certification practice tests with an 80% or better then you will pass the actual EPA test. If you don't, we will refund your subscription payment Note: We have never been asked to refund a subscription!

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  • Click on the Free Sample Quiz to take a shortened sample of the core exam.
  • If you wish to subscribe click on the link for the EPA Practice Exam or the NATE Practice Exams. You will be sent to PayPal to pay for your subscription. You do not need a PayPal account to subscribe.
  • If you are enrolled in a school with a site license, click on the School Subscribers link and enter your enrollment key.

Special pricing is available for schools enrolling 20 or more students. Please go to our Academic Page for more information.

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