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There is no way I could have passed all parts of the EPA test the first time With out the practice test it made it a breeze. I just kept taking the test till I got a 97 average and took the test and walked right through it. Thank you Bill Forsee.

I would first like to start out by saying "thank you" to All HVAC Testing. I received the results from my Universal Certification test today. I missed three questions total on all four sections of the test and I know that is in no small part due to your web site. I studied all the books and even bought a CD to listen to in the car. Nothing was as comprehensive and user friendly as your web site. Getting instant results on tests and quizzes, the games and having the ability to focus on specific areas was priceless. Anyone that remotely thinks that they are prepared for the test should spend the nominal fee and find out for themselves. You won't be disappointed. Thank You for Everything, Dan

Was able to build sufficient confidence after passing  NATE practice tests, to take NATE core and heat pump certification. Am happy to say that I was able to pass on the first try. The practice exams definitely aided in succeeding.  Sadiel N.

I did it!! Passed the NATE core and AC certifications. I kept trying to get my score on the practice tests to show on the 5 highest grades. Once I made the list, I knew I was ready for the real thing. Thank you so much!! David W.

Well you were correct about your program, I took and passed my 608 EPA Universal test last Friday on the first attempt. (90% I might add). Just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions about practice testing and how the program works. I would recommend it and have recommended it to coworkers. Mark

Before finding your program I ordered a manual with a practice test, on paper only, I paid $22.95. With a CD ROM will cost around $30.00, however your practice test is more detailed and extensive, it contains a great source of information, and I think that charging a small fee is only fair. Sincerely, Javier Gutierrez

Thank you guys for your website, it was a great tool for studying for the EPA exam,  I got a 98% on the whole thing, with your help, I will recommend it to everyone at school. Thanks again, Dan Turcotte

These practice tests were the best investment I have made to my career to date. Passed my 608 with ease. Thank you so much. 410a is next. Get those NATE tests up there too. Thanks so much. Ron Matthews

I want to thank you for the practice quizzes on your site. It helped me to pass the EPA 608 with flying colors. I scored a 96 on the Core, 92 on Type I and Type II, and 96 on Type III. I now have my Universal license. All the guys in my class used your practice tests and they all passed Thanks, Jeff Eldridge

With the help of the practice quizzes on this web site, i scored a 96 on the core section of the EPA section 608 exam, 96 on type 1, 85 on type 2, and 92 on type 3. I should be receiving my universal EPA certification in the mail within 2 weeks. Thank you =) - Alan Voong

I went in to the testing center with complete confidence having read the ESCO handbook and taken your practice test that resulted in scores of 96 core 96 Type I 96 Type II and 100 Type III. The combination of the two seems to be a proven winner! - Dennis S.

Thanks for your help on this, I passed my test. This worked great for my last minute review. - Turrie B.

The practice tests helped very much. I have always hated tests. This gave me the chance to see how the questions would be and I was able to go over them at my leisure to learn. I made 96, 96, 92 and 96 on the four exams which I think is great considering how the things are worded. Many thanks. - Doug

I am the world's biggest procrastinator and didn't start studying for the test until the morning of the test. Your site gave me all the information I needed to not just pass the test, but to do so with flying colors. I scored 100% on the first part and 96% on each of the other parts. Thanks so much! - Jake S.

Thank you,  I just passed my Universal test.  thanks for all of your help and the test that you provide. - Rick R.

I have passed the EPA Certification I and Core Exam with a 94% and R-410a with a 96%. Thanks to your site, I was very confident about taking the tests and passed! - Michelle Franck

Thanks for all your help Pam. My students are beginning to realize the value of this training and their scores reflect their work. It’s hard to believe but we already have to really get busy to be ready for the 608 exams in April. Danny Coleman, Pearland High School HVAC Program.

I used and they really helped me. It gave me the confidence to take and pass the EPA exam. I know it isn't free but I was willing to pay less than $20 for unlimited practice tests. The games are a little juvenile but I did like the battleship game. Posted on

At any rate, I am now certified as a Universal having passed all the exams. The exams are slightly different than the questions but I guess I learned enough to get through. I am positive that I would not have been able to pass them based on just the study book that I had received from my company. You can quote me on that. Thanks for the help. Floyd Titus

The practice tests were great. The ability to review results and retake the tests was an awesome learning tool. The morning prior to my exam I ran through the Core, Type-I, Type-II, Type III then a 608 practice certification test. Passed Universal 608 Examination with 92% average. This was an excellent investment. John Wiggin

I can honestly say that if it wasn't for your practice test I would have not Passed! Thanks a Million! Richard Cagle

I am a student at Cypress College in the HVAC program. I did not take the EPA prep class. So I needed a way to study for the test. The practice test really help me, and gave me the confidence to take the test. I just took the test today (8/17/2011) and I passed the Core 88%, Type 1 84%, Type 2 100% and Type 3 84%. Some of the test questions are worded differently but just read the question carefully and you will not have a problem. I just would like to say thank you and I would tell other people to use this site. God Bless. Marcus

I tried the sample test which lead me to subscribe. It was fun and helpful to prepare for the up coming EPA test in January 2012. Robert M.  

All HVAC Testing kicks ASS!!   HAAAAA!!!  I GOT MY EPA card baby. Robert Ford

When I took the test I left thinking "Man, I really blew that one.." Imagine my shock to learn I pass all 4 sections the first time! WOW! I signed up for the All HVAC practice tests and took the 100 question practice test a total of 13 times. My first score was a failing 56% but each test after that was progressively higher until I was scoring in the 90%'s on the practice tests. I absorbed more of the information than I thought! I would highly recommend ALL HVAC EPA Practice classes for anyone needing 608 certification! Thanks for helping me pass!! - Mark Pierce, Auburn Alabama

The information given in the practice tests was key and made the real test seem simple. I did not make below 88% on all tests. Fred

These practice tests were the best investment I have mad to my career to date. Passed my 608 with ease. 19 on core, 23 on Type I, 25 on Type II and 24 on Type III. Thank you so much. 410a is next. Get those NATE tests up there too. Thanks so much.

The tests were very helpful. I took the Universal and got 95% overall. Only missed two in Type 1 and 3 in Type 3. Thank you, Paul.

I could never had done it without this practice test. It is awesome! Bill


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